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Can Vitamin C improve how cancer treatments work?

Posted: 01st June 2017 in Industry News

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During a time which is not easy, the treatments offered for cancer can be very hard on the patient. Unfortunately the side effects and associated challenges are required to help control or if possible destroy the tumour cells.

However, researchers have been working on a way that could make these kind of treatments work better and involves using high doses of Vitamin C. The study has shown that by giving a high dose of Vitamin C to patients during their treatment programme the cancer cells weaken and help make them more vulnerable to the effects of both chemotherapy and radiation.

The initial study determined whether a high dose of Vitamin C was safe and not to look at how effective the Vitamin C was. The patients used reported the only side effects were the normal ones associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It was noted however that despite the average survival of patients being a year, half of the people in the trial were alive nearly two years later.

A separate study was carried out to give an indication of the effectiveness of using Vitamin C in this way. Of the patients receiving the Vitamin C, the number that responded to the chemotherapy and radiation treatments more than doubled compared to normal and there was an increase in the percentage of patients whose tumours had shrunk.

To see more information about the studies and how the Vitamin C has an effect on the treatments please read the full article at: