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Could a hung parliament benefit science?

Posted: 15th June 2017 in Industry News

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Last week’s general election resulted in yet another hung parliament for the UK, which was not the result that many would have wanted. Science however, has a lot to lose from Brexit and the current state could actually be of benefit to science according to the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE).

Education, evidence, immigration, investment, collaboration and regulation make the key priority areas set out by CaSE for the new Government. Dr Sarah Main, CaSE Executive Director, said:” Science has a lot to lose from a hard Brexit. So, the prospect of a minority Government yielding a softer Brexit is likely to appeal to science leaders who have been pushing to retain a range of EU benefits”.

The news was reacted favourably to by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry who made clear their intention to work in partnership with the new Government to ensure that future Brexit negotiations are inclusive of the pharmaceutical industry.

CaSE have also pledged to work with the new Government in whatever shape it forms, ensuring that the strength in the UK, and the Government’s investments, brings benefit across the country.

A result that has generated pessimism, confusion and uncertainty amongst some, has given hope to others in the UK’s science industry.

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