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How Agenda Life Sciences can support your students

Agenda Life Sciences works with colleges, Further Education and Higher Education institutions to educate and enlighten students studying life science and animal care qualifications about life science career opportunities. It is important to us that students embark on careers that they will enjoy and can excel in and start their careers fully informed of their options. Agenda Life Sciences goes further than just attending your careers fair, we give all round support to your students, your teaching and careers advice staff and offer the opportunity to host interview sessions on campus in preparation for the end of their studies.

All of our presentations and advice sessions are free of charge and we welcome opportunities to attend events and give guest lectures or even just provide a contact for friendly advice from those of us who have chosen laboratory animal science as our career.

Our team of experienced industry professionals include former animal technicians, biomedical researchers, Home Office licence holders, facility managers and recruitment consultants. We offer industry knowledge and experience for your staff and students to access, helping your students prepare for working life.   Find out how Agenda Life Sciences can help support your students here. 

Agenda Life Sciences only recruits people who are passionate about animal care and welfare, people with integrity who are honest and trustworthy and who have a great work ethic. Animal welfare is a priority, but so also is the welfare of the dedicated people working with the animals and also the welfare of the life science sector itself.


 The Welfare First Programme is designed to consistently deliver standards of animal care and welfare that exceeds regulatory requirements. It puts in place the building blocks that underpin effective care and welfare; it is Agenda’s assertion that caring for the people that care for the animals in turn supports and nurtures a culture of care within the life science sector. Read more about our Welfare First Programme click here.

Agenda has signed up to the IAT Career Pathway which details the career progression and education opportunities within the life science sector. Click here to view the Career Pathway.

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You can find out more about careers guidance, the benefits of partnering with Agenda and out work with colleges and further education establishments by contacting our recruitment team on 08456 44 55 45.


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