Agenda awarded as a leader in openness in animal research

Agenda Life Sciences have this week been awarded as a Leader in Openness by Understanding Animal Research, we are one of the first organisations to gain this award, alongside 12 other organisations.

We are delighted to receive this award, especially given the process of the judging, winners were awarded following a three-stage assessment: a public panel, peer review and public review.

Chairman of the business, Paul Sanders, said “I am absolutely delighted that Agenda have been awarded ‘Leaders in Openness’. I was previously treasurer for UAR, so it’s always nice to see us do well with the Openness Award, especially in such a distinguished company of winners.”

Agenda were one of the first organisations from the life science community to sign the Concordat On Openness in 2012, the signatories include Universities, charities, commercial companies, research councils, umbrella bodies and these companies have all committed to help the public understand more about animal research.

Our Welfare First programme builds on our support of the concordat on openness, find out more about our position on research below.

Agenda’s position on research

Agenda Life Sciences supports the research community through the provision of services aimed at facilitating research. Agenda Life Sciences believes that whilst animal research continues to make a valuable contribution to scientific understanding and the development of medical treatments, the animals should be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Agenda Life Sciences fully supports the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of the use of animals in research. Until viable alternatives to animals are available for all areas of research, the animals should be cared for by dedicated, professional and well-trained individuals who care passionately about animal care and welfare.

Animal welfare is a priority, but so also is the welfare of the dedicated people working with the animals and also the welfare of the life science sector itself. Our ‘Welfare First’ programme is designed to consistently deliver standards of animal care and welfare that exceeds regulatory requirements. It puts in place the building blocks that underpin effective care and welfare; it is Agenda’s assertion that caring for the people that care for the animals in turn supports and nurtures a culture of care within the life science sector.

For more information on this award or our Welfare First programme, please get in touch with us at

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