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Posted: 03rd December 2018 in Company News

We're live!! #AgendaChristmasConga

It's IAT Tech Month!

Posted: 07th March 2017 in Industry News

Calling all Techs! March is your month! From new merchandise, to quizzes and Congress. Don't miss out.

Pancakes, Pancakes and More Pancakes!

Posted: 28th February 2017 in Company News

As you may have already heard Agenda’s charity of the year for 2017 is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance in memory of a colleague and friend Nigel Feetham who sadly passed away in 2016. This charity was picked by the staff and was a very popular choice.

Technologist of the Year for 2016

Posted: 16th February 2017 in Company News

Agenda announces its Technologist of the Year for 2016

Post-Brexit & Life Sciences

Posted: 09th February 2017 in Industry News

Post-Brexit UK Industrial Strategy well received by Life Science Leaders

Agenda launches Welfare First Points Scheme

Posted: 06th February 2017 in Company News

At Agenda, we take our technician’s development very seriously and believe that caring for the staff who care for the animals is essential to ensure the continued success of the organisation.

World Cancer Day

Posted: 03rd February 2017 in Industry News

As the fourth of February sees another ‘World Cancer Day’, we thought we’d share with you some exciting breakthroughs in cancer treatment that have happened thanks to ongoing research.

Agenda’s Charity Challenges!

Posted: 02nd February 2017 in Company News

This year Agenda charity of the year is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and our aim for the year is to raise more money this year than we ever have before

5 ways Zebrafish are helping us find a cure for Heart Disease!

Posted: 01st February 2017 in Industry News

Zebrafish are very important to heart research, unlike humans, Zebrafish can repair their own hearts if they are damaged.By studying Zebrafish, researchers hope they can find clues to repairing the human heart after it has been damaged.

Immunity to Alzheimer's Disease?

Posted: 27th January 2017 in Industry News

Could it be possible for people to be immune to Alzheimer’s symptoms? Find out more about a new study into immunity to Alzheimer's disease.

2020 and Beyond!

Posted: 19th January 2017 in Company News

Norman Mortell met with all head office staff in small groups today to share the business aspirations as we move towards 2020 and beyond. Reinforcing the openness of the business, he held interactive sessions which involved all staff based at Head Office.