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Is Man Flu Real?

Posted: 31st March 2017 in Industry News

The term ‘Man Flu’ is based on the notion that men react to the symptoms of the common cold so exuberantly it is interpreted as a much more severe illness. New Scientific evidence however, may prove that there is some truth is the colloquial term.

The 16th IGTP conference

Posted: 27th March 2017 in Company News

Agenda Life Sciences Europe GmbH will be exhibiting at the 16th IGTP (Interessengemeinschaft Tierpfleger) conference in Lübeck between 29th and 31st March 2017.

Lunch and Learn #2 – Infant and Child CPR

Posted: 23rd March 2017 in Company News

Our Office Manager, Stuart, led the session in his usual stimulating and motivating style and he brought along half a dozen baby Annie dolls for us to practice CPR on.

Charity Giving!

Posted: 21st March 2017 in Company News

You may remember back in December, Agenda held a Christmas Raffle - Read about an amazing gift to charity!

We're Heading to Congress 2017!

Posted: 17th March 2017 in Company News

If you are going to be attending the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) Congress this year, we look forward to seeing you at the conference. The team have been working hard in preparation for this year’s show and we are looking forward to another great meeting held by the IAT.

What does the budget mean for you?

Posted: 13th March 2017 in Industry News

The government is currently paving the way for the UK leaving the European Union. When Brexit was announced back in June 2016 there were a lot of concerns surrounding what might happen to our science industry. The new 2017 budget was announced this week and has been kind to the Science industry.

Harlow Science Park Development!

Posted: 10th March 2017 in Industry News

It remains to be seen what precise roles and skill sets will be required as Harlow Science Park develops but with focussed session on life science skills being attended by local life science employers so early in the parks development can only be a positive step.

Respect yourself enough to know you deserve the best job possible

Posted: 08th March 2017 in Company News

What is your dream job? Is it part of a dream career? These are definitely questions you should be asking yourself when thinking about your future. Agenda can help!

It's IAT Tech Month!

Posted: 07th March 2017 in Industry News

Calling all Techs! March is your month! From new merchandise, to quizzes and Congress. Don't miss out.

Pancakes, Pancakes and More Pancakes!

Posted: 28th February 2017 in Company News

As you may have already heard Agenda’s charity of the year for 2017 is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance in memory of a colleague and friend Nigel Feetham who sadly passed away in 2016. This charity was picked by the staff and was a very popular choice.