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We're heading to LASA

Posted: 19th November 2018 in Company News

If you are attending the 2018 LASA Annual Conference, why not drop by the Agenda Life Science stand (stand 43). Agenda Life Sciences specialise in life science recruitment, contract staffing, training and consultancy and the provision of facility management services.

Nonclinical outsourcing made easy with our training course

Posted: 15th November 2018 in Company News

This 1½ -day course is aimed at those involved in drug discovery and development who will need the tools for effective management of nonclinical outsourcing and study monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence used for Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Posted: 19th October 2018 in Industry News

This year, Agenda’s chosen charity is Parkinson’s UK and we have been fundraising for them throughout 2018. As many as 10 million people around the world are thought to have Parkinson’s disease, and this number is expected to rise with an aging population, in which the illness becomes more prominent.

Fighting Brain Cancer with the Zika Virus

Posted: 28th September 2018 in Industry News

The Zika Virus made headlines in 2015 and 2016 when there was an epidemic in South and Central America. Zika mainly attacks cells in the brain known as neural progenitor cells and is not particularly harmful to adults as they don’t have many of these cells...

CRISPR treatment successful for muscular dystrophy!

Posted: 07th September 2018 in Industry News

About 10 years ago, researchers at the Royal Veterinary College found a family of King Charles Spaniels that had a canine version of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). With this, they began research in the hopes of one day finding a cure...

New hope in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis

Posted: 21st August 2018 in Industry News

A new type of cell has been discovered in the human airway, and it may have a central role in cystic fibrosis. There are currently 70,000 people across the world living with cystic fibrosis for which there is currently no cure, and the disease is a major cause of poor health and a shortened life span...

The nutritional myth that's completely inaccurate

Posted: 14th August 2018 in Industry News

Summer is upon us and last-minute holiday diets are everywhere, but does eating ‘negative calorie’ foods such as celery, actually help to increase weight loss? A calorie is a unit of energy, usually expressed as kilocalories (kcal) for the energy content in food. It is commonly believed that in the act of eating celery you are actually burning off more calories than you are consuming...

Preventing Autism in the gut?

Posted: 02nd August 2018 in Industry News

There has been a lot of research recently about how the gut microbiome can affect our bodies in ways we wouldn’t even think of. Now, researchers are looking into how the make-up of the mother’s gut can affect the development of autism-spectrum disorders during pregnancy...

Leadership is on the Agenda!

Posted: 17th July 2018 in Company News

Our other participant in the Agenda Staff Challenge is Mat who he is aiming to put leadership on our agenda for the future! In keeping with Agenda’s commitment to making our business a great place to work, Mat’s programme is an exciting concept for the development of our employees...

Don’t listen to us – listen to our customers!

Posted: 11th July 2018 in Company News

June 2018 saw the first round of our annual customer satisfaction surveys with recruitment clients being surveyed, asking for feedback on the service, the staff they dealt with and our methods of communication.