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Posted: 03rd December 2018 in Company News

We're live!! #AgendaChristmasConga

ISO27001 Re-Certification Success

Posted: 05th October 2009 in Company News

Agenda are unique in including the requirements of BS7858 security screening and BS8470 disposal of confidential waste standard in its IS027001 certification and these elements were also successfully reassessed.

Facility Management Success

Posted: 03rd August 2009 in Facilities Management

We are proud to announce a 4th addition to our Facility Management portfolio.

Security Now Launched

Posted: 03rd August 2009 in Company News

Hot on the heels of our successful publication ‘Security Now’ comes our new quarterly publication ‘The Resource Manager’.

Making the most of your appraisal

Posted: 10th June 2009 in Industry News

Say the word ‘appraisal’ and how many amongst us genuinely like this process (either being on the receiving end of the appraisal or being the manager conducting it?). For some reason, appraisals tend to generate a negative response from both parties – despite it being the ideal time for employees to highlight their good work and present a good case for a pay rise or bonus, or for a manager to congratulate someone on a job well done.

Values Recognition Programme Launched

Posted: 20th May 2009 in Company News

Since development of the Agenda Customer Values in December 2008 we have been hard at work developing new and innovative ways to add value to the services that we provide to our customers.

Agenda sail through reaccreditation

Posted: 01st February 2009 in Company News

In line with Agenda’s customer and quality focused values Agenda is pleased to announce that on 16th December 2008, Agenda was reaccredited to the ISO9001 standard having continuously held previous versions of the standard since 1999 – almost 10 years of quality certification and improvement.