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Agenda awarded as a ‘Leader in Openness’ in animal research

Posted: 22nd May 2019 in Company News

Agenda Life Sciences have this week been awarded as a Leader in Openness by Understanding Animal Research, we are one of the first organisations to gain this award, alongside 12 other organisations.

Manchester Facility Appointment

Posted: 23rd April 2018 in Company News

Agenda Life Sciences would like to welcome Steve Dean to Agenda who strengthens the Manchester based facility management team...

15 Wrong Health ‘Facts’

Posted: 23rd April 2018 in Industry News

We are always told to ‘avoid that’ and ‘do this’, here’s 15 health ‘facts’ we’re often told which are in fact totally wrong...

ELRIG Research & Innovation 2018 – Day 2

Posted: 19th April 2018 in Company News

Following a fabulously informative and inspiring day 1 which was focussed on oncology research, ELRIG’s Research and Innovation conference day 2 looked at neurosciences with speakers from GSK, Storm Therapeutics, Astex Pharmaceuticals, Sygnature Discovery and the universities of Cambridge and Oxford amonst some who shared their research and described new approaches.

ELRIG Research & Innovation 2018 – Day 1

Posted: 17th April 2018 in Company News

Intended to capture current and emerging opportunities in drug discovery research, ELRIG’s Research & Innovation event spans 2 days and is packed with excellent presentations from key research groups focussing on new biology and new therapeutic targets for drug discovery. Held at the beautiful Homerton College in Cambridge, our local business development executive, Laura Gilbey, as been busy meeting research groups, key opinion leaders and suppliers. We wanted to blog some of the exciting content from todays presentations exploring drug research innovations and novel targets in one of the highest priority areas of medical need, namely oncology.

World Parkinson’s Day 2018

Posted: 11th April 2018 in Company News

On April 11th, World Parkinson’s Day, Agenda are looking to raise awareness of the disease. Millions of people around the world are living with Parkinson's disease, with the number of diagnosis’ in the UK expected to rise by around 18% between 2018 and 2025.

Snap, Knuckle, Pop

Posted: 09th April 2018 in Industry News

Some people hate it and some people love to do it, but cracking one’s knuckles is a process which seems insignificant to scientific research. That being said, the debate has gone on for around a century now...

Lunch and Learn: Parkinson’s

Posted: 05th April 2018 in Company News

On the 4th of April, we held our latest Lunch and Learn of the year, and this time the session was all to do with our Charity of the Year – Parkinson’s...

IAT Congress 2018

Posted: 27th March 2018 in Company News

The 20th - 23rd of March 2018 were this year’s dates for the annual IAT Congress held in Harrogate. We arrived Monday afternoon to set up the Agenda stand so everything was ready for the big opening event on Tuesday evening...

Space changes 7% of Twins DNA

Posted: 22nd March 2018 in Industry News

Scott and Mark Kelly are identical twins with the same two sets of matching DNA. In a unique experiment, NASA sent Scott into space for 1 year in order for them to observe how space flight changes the human body and brain...