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7 Tips to Creating An Outstanding Cover Letter

Posted: 06th April 2017 in Permanent Recruitment

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We all know writing a cover letter is one of the hardest things about job searching – but it doesn’t have to be! A well written cover letter can be the difference between your CV being rejected or racing to the top of the employer’s shortlist.  It is the perfect way to introduce yourself to potential employers or recruiters and explain your background but also to craft some personality into it. The key is keeping it short and using key words that are relevant to the job but also keeping it personal as this is your first chance to make a good impression.
Agenda celebrate their 20th year in the industry this year and as such as are well placed to help assist you in your job searches. We have highly trained recruitment consultants on hand to help you with CV reviews, writing applications and cover letters to help you secure your place to an interview for your dream job! We have helpful literature to give you tips on interview preparationcover letter techniques and getting references to work for you.
To find out more about what should be included in the your cover letter click on this link.