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Agenda awarded as a ‘Leader in Openness’ in animal research

Posted: 22nd May 2019 in Company News

Agenda Life Sciences have this week been awarded as a Leader in Openness by Understanding Animal Research, we are one of the first organisations to gain this award, alongside 12 other organisations.

Origami Lunch and Learn

Posted: 25th August 2017 in Company News

This month’s Lunch and Learn we all gathered together to try our hand at making some paper masterpieces and have some fun at the same time. Jason from our screening team, as a parting gift, agreed to teach us a few techniques in order to sculpt a paper bird and a paper tulip...

Lost memories in mice restored!

Posted: 15th August 2017 in Industry News

Researchers from Colombia University have successfully restored the memories of mice with Alzheimer’s disease that were previously regarded as being lost.

Challenge Yourself!

Posted: 10th August 2017 in Company News

At Agenda, we don’t just watch you climb to the top, we help you along the way. Our team has built up a wealth of specialist expertise, networks and databases in the animal technology, biomedical and scientific sector.

4 Stupid Mistakes That Make Your CV Confusing...

Posted: 07th August 2017 in Industry News

We’re all guilty of not knowing how to compile a CV and make it legible to employers or recruiters. There’s a big difference in putting ALL the information in and putting the RIGHT information in...

BBQ and Dress Down Success

Posted: 07th August 2017 in Company News

We've been raising money for our Charity of the Year in the form of a BBQ and Dress Down day!

More than just a Headache

Posted: 03rd August 2017 in Industry News

CTE is commonly found in people who have suffered repeated blows to the head and is caused by a build of proteins which can disable neuro-pathways, resulting in memory loss, impaired judgement, confusion and a range of other mental health issues, so what are sports doing to protect athletes from long lasting in head injuries?

Memorable Moments at Agenda

Posted: 31st July 2017 in Company News

This month’s lunch and learn was entitled Memorable Moments and it was a real test of our communication, memory and teamwork skills. The overall aim was to build an exact replica of a structure made from marshmallows, spaghetti and string - sounds easy, right?

"The worst crime is faking it" - Kurt Cobain

Posted: 19th July 2017 in Company News

Our experienced team offer both contract and permanent staffing solutions at all levels, so don’t hire the wrong people for your business!

Exciting times at Agenda Life Sciences

Posted: 06th July 2017 in Company News

Agenda has always been a forward-thinking organisation that has delivered professional contract staff, recruitment and facility management services for more than 20 years. This continued growth and the development of a long term strategy has required us to expand our team, manage succession and ensure that we have the right structure and capabilities to support our long-term ambitions. To meet these exciting challenges, we are delighted to announce a number of key changes and new positions.

Why is Yawning Contagious?

Posted: 03rd July 2017 in Industry News

Does seeing someone yawning lead you to involuntarily copying them, maybe you experience this looking at a photograph of someone yawning or maybe you are yawning now whilst reading this and just thinking about yawning? If so, you are not alone!