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Agenda's 2018 Fundraising Total

Posted: 04th February 2019 in Company News

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Agenda are extremely proud to present a cheque for our 2018 charity fundraising, during which we raised a total of £1718.91 to Parkinsons UK!

2018 saw a variety of fundraising activities with lots of members of staff engaging with the fundraising outside of work hours as well as in the office! We had people running 10Ks, riding the longest (and fastest!) zipline in Europe, as well as our usual dress up days, bake sales and holiday raffles.

Tracey from Parkinsons UK was thrilled with the amount we presented to her, as she said that the charity is purely funded off charity donations. Parkinsons UK is such a great cause and we really enjoyed fundraising for them throughout the year of 2018.

Well done, Team Agenda - what an amazing year.