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News archive for August 2016

Careers in Pathology

Posted: 28th August 2016 in Company News

Pathologists specialise in diagnosis of disease and identifying abnormalities by examining whole bodies, tissues, cells and body fluids. Veterinary pathology can be split into 2 distinct disciplines 1) Anatomical Pathology and 2) Clinical Pathology

A Caring Career - A Brochure for You

Posted: 24th August 2016 in Industry News

At FELASA 2016 The Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) have announced the launch of their brochure, ‘Animal Technologist: A Caring Career’.


Posted: 16th August 2016 in Company News

Continuing Agendas support of their annual charity the Alzheimer’s Society, a selection of the team donned 70s dress for our 70 dress down day. With fun activities throughout the day, the team raised £70 for the charity.

Toxicology Careers

Posted: 09th August 2016 in Company News

Isolating, identifying, measuring toxic substances, defining and reporting harmful effects, advising on safe use, dosage and side effects are all roles covered by the umbrella term toxicology. Depending on the nature of your work, in-vivo, ex-vivo, in vitro, in-silico and epidemiology techniques can be used. Toxicologists can specialise in many areas, including: clinical, forensic, industrial, agricultural, occupational, pharmaceutical and regulatory toxicology.

How Stressful are the Holidays for you?

Posted: 08th August 2016 in Company News

Every parent knows how stressful the summer holidays can be. Maybe we don’t talk about it but does anybody truly enjoy the kids being off for six (Is it really only six? Feels like at least double that) whole weeks?

Recruiting Immunologists

Posted: 05th August 2016 in Company News

Immunology is a complete and extensive discipline of medicine, the borders of this discipline overlap with many other clinical and basic sciences and the field has become so broad that it is becoming increasingly difficult to know who, or what, an immunologist is. Today, the broad and complex nature of the immune system makes it essential that immunologists adopt a multidisciplinary approach to their work and often require knowledge and experience of molecular biology, microbiology, cell chemistry and analytical techniques. Vacancies often require scientists with expertise in a clinical laboratory.

How will Brexit affect UK Science?

Posted: 01st August 2016 in Industry News

With both sides having conflicting opinions pre Brexit about the potential effect on the economy and vital areas like job growth in the United Kingdom in the event of a leave vote, the same conflicting opinion could be levelled at what may happen now within UK science.

Recruiting Biomedical Imaging Professionals

Posted: 01st August 2016 in Company News

Whether investigating disease progression, treatment affects and efficacy, morphology, pathology or making diagnoses, the array of biomedical imaging techniques available to clinicians and researchers aids learning and gives results in a non-invasive, non-terminal procedure.