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News archive for July 2016

College Results Are In!

Posted: 27th July 2016 in Contract Recruitment

Agenda Life Sciences are providing valuable resources for students, teaching and career guidance staff.

7 Things your CV doesn't need

Posted: 22nd July 2016 in Company News

When constructing your CV it’s hard to know what are the right and wrong things to include. Our consultants come across it time and time again at Agenda, where candidates have photographs and personal details about their family displayed on their CV, which has no bearing on their work history. Your CV should be a reflection of your skills and experiences/qualifications but sometimes too much information can be a bad thing!

UK Animal Statistics 2015

Posted: 20th July 2016 in Industry News

Did you know that approximately half the diseases in the world have no treatment? Therefore, understanding how the body work and how diseases progress and finding cures, vaccines or treatments, can take many years of painstaking work using a wide range of research techniques. There is overwhelming scientific consensus worldwide that some research using animals is essential to ensure medical progress in the UK.

Recruiting Microbiologists

Posted: 19th July 2016 in Company News

The study of microorganisms is a broad field which overlaps with molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology. A microbiologist can work alongside to support these roles and sometime absorb these disciplines in their tasks. An understanding of microbes allows developments in health care treatment, prevention and diagnosis of illness.

Contract Technician Featured Blog

Posted: 18th July 2016 in Company News

This is a featured blog from one of our contract technicians. Agenda are committed to providing their staff with the best place to work. In order to achieve this it is good for us to have as much input from our technicians as possible.

Do I need a Histologist?

Posted: 13th July 2016 in Company News

Histologists perform a varied role which might require skills in both in-vivo and in-vitro disciplines. An experienced senior histologist is a one stop resource of surgical extraction of tissues, sample collection, preparation of samples for investigative microscopy and preservation of valuable and often irreplaceable scientific tissue samples.

Recruiting for Pathology?

Posted: 12th July 2016 in Company News

You may have seen our post recently describing the complex role of a histologist and how histology and pathology share many common themes. By focussing on pathology skills and responsibilities in this article we hope to help you determine if this is the role for you or if you require these skills in your team.

5 things you should know about dementia

Posted: 11th July 2016 in Industry News

The Alzheimer’s society is Agenda’s charity of the year and we are aiming to help increase awareness of the illness and raise as much money as possible for the charity throughout 2016.

What do you know about Dolly?

Posted: 07th July 2016 in Industry News

This week sees the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Dolly the Sheep. Dolly is still to this day one of the most successful stories that has come from scientific research and she is something that still encourages us to push boundaries today.

‘A Stitch in Time’ of Animal Research

Posted: 06th July 2016 in Company News

On the 5th of July, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine & LASA Care and Welfare hosted an informative and interactive day of lectures.

Scientific Recruitment Growth Continues

Posted: 02nd July 2016 in Company News

Agenda has always provided professional recruitment services to the life science sector, but due to continued success; we are pleased to announce an expansion of our team and of the services that we now provide.

Toxicology Recruitment

Posted: 01st July 2016 in Company News

Isolating, identifying, measuring toxic substances, defining and reporting harmful effects, advising on safe use, dosage and side effect are all roles covered by the umbrella term toxicology.