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News archive for June 2014

Are you checking new employees properly?

Posted: 24th June 2014 in Company News

Agenda was proud to present at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) conference at Olympia in London last week.

AALAS - We Care Website

Posted: 17th June 2014 in Industry News

Read about animal technology as a career, and accounts from people who undertake these vital roles.

Intention to hire permanent staff at a record high

Posted: 13th June 2014 in Industry News

According to a recent poll by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), 8 out of 10 employers are planning to hire more permanent staff in the next three months. This is to meet increased demand and is a welcome change to the trend of downsizing over the last few years since the financial crisis.

Take your lunch break!

Posted: 13th June 2014 in Industry News

A recent survey by showed that most UK workers (3 out of 5) get less than an hour for their lunch break – but a large proportion of these don’t take the full time that they are allocated. 2 out of 3 admit that they don’t actually eat at lunch (which begs the question of what are they doing?!).

Bursaries now available for IAT and AALAS

Posted: 13th June 2014 in Industry News

Some things are too good not to share. If you have been lucky enough to attend the UK’s annual IAT Congress or USA’s AALAS National Meeting – you’ll be aware what great opportunities these meetings are in many ways. Both meetings are excellent if you want to update your professional knowledge, network with likeminded colleagues or catch up with old friends whilst attending interesting seminars and workshops.

And Twitter stories that caught our eye...

Posted: 13th June 2014 in Industry News

Social media often gives us some funny stories; here are two that caught our eye recently.

Triple Audit Success

Posted: 13th June 2014 in Company News

Two Days of Audits and Three Externally Certified Successes…

‘Old-school’ job searching

Posted: 13th June 2014 in Industry News

Today’s modern jobseeker may have a LinkedIn profile, Facebook and Twitter account and use social media as their first port of call to seek out new opportunities.