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News archive for September 2013

Triple Audit Success

Posted: 10th September 2013 in Company News

We are pleased to announce that we passed the audits with flying colours with no non-conformances raised. Great credit has to go to the team who manage the standards on a day-to-day basis.


Posted: 09th September 2013 in Company News

WELFARE FIRST is a programme developed by Agenda to recognise the importance of welfare within the life sciences sector and to meet the aims of its position statement below. Animal welfare is a priority, but so is the welfare of the dedicated people working with the animals and also the welfare of the life science sector itself.

Animals mistaken for spies

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Company News

The Animal Technicians employed by Agenda make their own valuable contribution to medical research by providing the highest standards of animal care and welfare for animals housed in laboratory settings.

Zero hours contracts

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Company News

Zero hours contracts have been in the news a lot in recent months, following a commitment by the coalition government to review the arrangements and whether they exploit workers in the UK. The term ‘zero-hours contract’ refers to an arrangement where UK workers are effectively ‘on-call’, with no agreement upfront provided by the employer about how many hours they can expect to work in a given week, or if they will be required at all. Similarly, there is no enforceable commitment from the worker that they have to work hours when offered them by the employer.

Employee Debt – what employers can do to help

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Industry News

Since the economic downturn, debt has become an issue affecting an increasing number of people in the UK.

Don’t make your job applicants dance

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Permanent Recruitment

Providing a poor customer experience is highly damaging to any company’s corporate brand. This also extends to job applicants who may be seeking to join a company, only to be treated poorly if the recruitment process is not fair, consistent and timely.

Agenda enjoys the Great British Beer Festival!

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Company News

A trip down to ‘the Big Smoke’ to Olympia was arranged for several lucky Agenda employees recently, with the opportunity to meet and greet friends from within the industry and treat them to a ‘few’ beverages at the Great British Beer Festival.

Had great service from Agenda?

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Company News

At Agenda Resource Management, we are always keen to reward hard work and achievement, especially for work that epitomizes Agenda’s values.

Agenda FM Manager wins 2013 AAALAC Fellowship Award

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Company News

After many years of hassling Stuart to send in a nomination for this award, I was delighted this year that he filled in the necessary forms and asked Agenda to sponsor his application. This was an easy task, as Stuart has been an exemplary manager and advocate not only for the industry, but also the staff and the people with whom he interacts.