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News archive for September 2014

Interview rapidly going downhill?

Posted: 05th September 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

Here is our advice on how to turn things around. However much we try to prepare for an interview, sometimes it just ‘isn’t our day’ as the expression goes, and things can conspire against us.

Covering letters

Posted: 04th September 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

We are often asked about covering letters. Whether they are needed for job applications, and if so, what they should include. Whilst a covering letter may not be required for most job applications – providing a well-written one can make you stand out as an applicant and improve your chances of securing an interview.

Adjusting to your new job

Posted: 04th September 2014 in Industry News

Finding another job can often be hard work. You've been through lots of different stages to get where you are. Submitting your CV, attending interviews, negotiating your job offer and handing in your notice with your current employer (and working notice).

Tackling application forms

Posted: 03rd September 2014 in Industry News

Many of Agenda’s clients require job applicants to complete an application form during the recruitment process. It’s a great way for employers to review candidate applications side-by-side, easily draw comparisons between applicants and have a fair recruitment process.

Jobs Go mobile

Posted: 03rd September 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

In the 1980’s we may have faxed our application to a potential employer. In the 1990’s, jobs boards were introduced and with the increasingly popularity of internet and email, your job application may have been emailed or sent via a jobs board. With the introduction of social media, your application after the year 2000 may have been made via youtube, facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, today’s jobseeker is more ‘mobile’ than before, and wants access to jobs information on the move.

What happens next with Agenda?

Posted: 03rd September 2014 in Industry News

Agenda specialises in the recruitment of laboratory animal science professionals on behalf of major blue-chip companies and government research organisations. As a long-established and highly successful recruitment consultancy company, Agenda can help you find the ideal career opportunity.

Monitoring Sickness is never easy

Posted: 03rd September 2014 in Industry News

The first Monday in February is statistically the day UK workers are most likely to ring in sick. Analysts point to wintry weather, lingering debts from Christmas and a long wait until their next holiday being factors contributing to high levels of sickness. The first day back after an annual holiday is also a common day for UK workers to call in sick.

Rounders in the Park

Posted: 03rd September 2014 in Company News

What dawned as a cool, overcast, windy morning turned into a beautiful, warm evening perfect for some workplace rivalry. There were some cleverly disguised secret weapons in both teams which turned out to be very evenly matched.