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10 Reasons To Love Agenda

Posted: 14th February 2019 in Permanent Recruitment

Agenda are feeling the love this Valentine's day and want to share it with you!

12 Things NOT To Do In A Job Interview

Posted: 10th July 2018 in Permanent Recruitment

Most of us dread job interviews, no matter how much we want the job. Nerves can get the better of you and unexpected questions can throw you off, but there is still a good amount of preparation you can do to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here are 12 things which you should never do or say in a job interview if you want it to go well for you.

How to Evaluate a Job Offer

Posted: 24th May 2017 in Permanent Recruitment

You’ve done the hard bit, aced the interview and the employer wants you! But what to do next?

7 Tips to Creating An Outstanding Cover Letter

Posted: 06th April 2017 in Permanent Recruitment

We all know writing a cover letter is one of the hardest things about job searching – but it doesn’t have to be! A well written cover letter can be the difference between your CV being rejected or racing to the top of the employer’s shortlist.

Preparing your interview questions!

Posted: 15th December 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

When going for an interview preparation is key! You don’t know exactly which questions may be asked of you but you can pre-empt and prepare for which questions are likely to be asked.

7 Things Recruiters MUST See On Your CV

Posted: 11th November 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

Sometimes candidates can get blind-sided by their own CV. Then the heartbreak comes when they have not been successful for a role they believe they are perfect for.

Science & Technology Fair at UoN

Posted: 03rd November 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

As a leading life science recruiter, Agenda are proud to support education providers, tutors, career advisors and students across the UK.

Interview Tips - How Not To Appear Rude

Posted: 19th October 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

Lots of people get nervous when going to interviews and sometimes candidates can come across as being rude even if it’s unintentional!

Adjusting To Your New Job

Posted: 30th September 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

Settling into a new job can be really daunting, particularly if you’ve come directly from an education background and not worked full time before, adjusting to the daily early wake ups and the long hours can be a hard task. It can also be really difficult to adjust to a new working environment if you’ve previously worked at the same place for the last ten years (or another significant amount of time), people get used to a particular way of doing things and a new work place can be really different and hard to get used to. There are many difficulties that come with a new job, so we’d like to try and help by offering you some tips and hints, to try and ease you into your brand new workplace.

Controlling your Business' Reputation

Posted: 20th May 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

Agenda attended a presentation recently that focused on Reputational Risk within the business environment. The presentation was hosted by Emmerson Kitney and Pace Communications. Our industry can be a competitive playing field meaning that reputation is really important. The reputation of our business is essential when we are recruiting for external clients.

11 Easy Steps to a Great Interview

Posted: 12th May 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

Interviewing can seem such a daunting prospect, but you’ve done the hard bit and gotten through the front door and now it’s your chance to shine! Read Agenda's advice on conducting a great interview!

Is your CV failing you?

Posted: 16th March 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

You have read many tutorials on how to write the perfect CV. You have formatted your information correctly and tried to keep it to a standard length. All in all, you feel you have written a pretty good CV.

5 Hiring Practices that Drive Candidates Crazy

Posted: 19th February 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

When looking for a new job it can be a daunting experience for some, made more so by common bad practices that can make the process more of a nightmare than a chance at a new dream!

A recruiter’s job

Posted: 13th January 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

A recruiter’s job is more than just finding the candidate with the right skill set. It goes way beyond this, to find out more read our blog.

Interview Qualities

Posted: 12th January 2016 in Permanent Recruitment

What qualities do you feel are important during an interview? Of course the skills requested are important, but aside from that, what are employers looking for?

Weird & wonderful interview questions

Posted: 15th October 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

If you were a fruit what type of fruit would you be and why? Weird and wonderful interview questions! Here's how to answer them!

Candidate Care a Priority

Posted: 08th October 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

If you are a candidate who wants to be treated with respect then look at the Agenda website to see what vacancies are currently open.

Get your CV noticed

Posted: 29th September 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

Too much or too little…………either of these can lead you straight to the rejection pile. So here's how to stand out!

Enhance Your Productivity!

Posted: 15th September 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

Feeling sluggish at work and not sure how to get motivated in the morning?

12 Rookie LinkedIn Mistakes

Posted: 27th August 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

Whether it’s for recruiting purposes, making connections or business links or even just staying in contact with old friends. Your professional profile could be the difference between a brief glance on a long CV pile, to being pushed straight to the top and catching the eye of a recruiter for a fantastic opportunity!

Top Tips for Skype Interviews

Posted: 24th August 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment interviewing has changed drastically over the years!

11 Tricky Personality Interview Questions!

Posted: 31st July 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

This blog will help you interpret what personality questions you might encounter at an interview and how best to answer them.

Are your interviewing skills up to scratch?

Posted: 10th June 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

When you look around the internet there are plenty of articles telling the candidate how to prepare for an interview, answer the questions put to them etc. But what about the interviewer, where do they find out about the best techniques to use?

Checking CVs is a vital part of the recruitment process

Posted: 10th June 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

At Agenda we understand that the process of checking CVs and conducting background checks on prospective employees is a critical part of the recruitment process.

When candidates ask about the background check?

Posted: 10th June 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

Most job candidates will have many questions for an employer throughout the hiring process — including questions about the employment background check.

Are you giving information away in an interview?

Posted: 10th June 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

55% of your communication is non-verbal and during an interview your body language can give out both good and bad signals. The way you move your eyes, smile, what you do with your hands and even how you sit, can give an indication to an experienced interviewer of what you are like as a person.

Make your CV stand out

Posted: 10th June 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

How can you make your CV stand out from the crowd? Well, if someone has commended you for your ability then why not share it! This will help your CV stand out, as the best indicator of future high performance is previous high performance! Hiring managers are effectively getting a reference before you have even met them at interview!

1 in 3 UK workers plan to move jobs in 2015

Posted: 04th March 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

New survey data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) show that professional recruitment firms have 29% more vacancies on their books than at the same time last year. This rise in vacancies comes at the same time as research by the Institute of Leadership & Management shows that 37% of workers are planning to moving from their current employment in 2015 compared with just 19% in 2014 and 13% in 2013.

Do you have any questions?

Posted: 04th March 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

‘Do you have any questions?’ is the age old way for an interview to be brought to a close. Sometimes the questions that the candidate asks at this point of the interview can reveal more about their character and the reasons for wanting to work for a company than the rest of the interview.

UK wages to rise above inflation during 2015

Posted: 04th March 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

Good news for those people who have seen their wages stagnate in recent times, a recent article in The Guardian business section suggests that wages in Britain will rise above inflation in 2015 for the first time in eight years.

National Minimum Wage recommended to rise by 3%

Posted: 04th March 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

The Low Pay Commission who advises the government on the minimum wage is to recommend a 3% increase this year.

Recruiting and job hunting by using Social Media

Posted: 04th March 2015 in Permanent Recruitment

Social media are increasingly being used by companies to reach out to candidates, with the use of sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter being especially popular.

Making references work for you

Posted: 19th November 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

Like most jobseekers, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and energy writing your CV, applying for new roles and attending interviews.

Interview rapidly going downhill?

Posted: 05th September 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

Here is our advice on how to turn things around. However much we try to prepare for an interview, sometimes it just ‘isn’t our day’ as the expression goes, and things can conspire against us.

Covering letters

Posted: 04th September 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

We are often asked about covering letters. Whether they are needed for job applications, and if so, what they should include. Whilst a covering letter may not be required for most job applications – providing a well-written one can make you stand out as an applicant and improve your chances of securing an interview.

Jobs Go mobile

Posted: 03rd September 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

In the 1980’s we may have faxed our application to a potential employer. In the 1990’s, jobs boards were introduced and with the increasingly popularity of internet and email, your job application may have been emailed or sent via a jobs board. With the introduction of social media, your application after the year 2000 may have been made via youtube, facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, today’s jobseeker is more ‘mobile’ than before, and wants access to jobs information on the move.

CV Clichés to avoid

Posted: 16th July 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

At Agenda, we receive hundreds of CV’s from people looking for a new job. The CV’s all vary in length and quality, and from the memorable to the forgettable! We do however; see common phrases appearing in most CV’s. These phrases have become so overused that they have become almost meaningless. Here are some examples and what you can do to change your CV for the better.

Questions to ask at interview

Posted: 21st March 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

There’s lot of advice available about how to approach an interview. What to wear, how to shake hands, how to answer questions and what to think about when it comes to body language.

Making your references work for you

Posted: 13th February 2014 in Permanent Recruitment

As a jobseeker, you have a lot to think about – from whether your CV is as good as it should be, to managing nerves when attending interviews and whether a job offer is a good one or not.

Clichés to avoid on your CV

Posted: 06th November 2013 in Permanent Recruitment

At Agenda, we receive hundreds of CV’s from people looking for a new job. The CV’s all vary in length and quality, and from the memorable to the forgettable!

Don’t make your job applicants dance

Posted: 09th September 2013 in Permanent Recruitment

Providing a poor customer experience is highly damaging to any company’s corporate brand. This also extends to job applicants who may be seeking to join a company, only to be treated poorly if the recruitment process is not fair, consistent and timely.

Dress to impress

Posted: 04th June 2013 in Permanent Recruitment

Jennifer Lopez’s recent performance on Britain’s Got Talent prompted lots of debate around appropriate dress. Many felt that she was well within her rights to dress provocatively whilst others felt, for a family show, her style of dress was inappropriate for younger viewers. Another, (less glamorous!) worker also found himself in trouble when he wore a poppy and ‘help for heroes’ wristband to his job at a supermarket, to show support for the armed forces after the senseless murder of Lee Rigby. Adam Austin was initially suspended for refusing to remove the aforementioned items, and eventually reinstated when Morrison’s reconsidered their position saying that they had ‘got the balance wrong’ (source BBC News).

Safe job hunting!

Posted: 03rd May 2013 in Permanent Recruitment

We’re all aware of the need to protect information about ourselves – from shielding our pin number at a cashpoint, to shredding old bills and junk mail we receive at home. In recent years, scams have also been uncovered online, where jobseekers have been exploited – possibly when they are vulnerable if they have been out of work for a period of time and will do anything to find work.

Social Media and young jobseekers

Posted: 08th March 2013 in Permanent Recruitment

Recruiters across the UK are warning too many young people are risking their career opportunities because of what they post on social network sites.

Post-interview – Do’s and Don’ts

Posted: 20th December 2012 in Permanent Recruitment

You’ve just finished your interview and breathe a sigh of relief. All your preparation paid off and you had a productive discussion with your interviewer.

Professional Development for both Employers and Employees

Posted: 20th December 2012 in Permanent Recruitment

Businesses, like the world, are continuously evolving and in order to keep up with these changes, employers and employees alike, if they want to remain successful, have to adapt with the industry. Just like technology is always being updated, so too must we keep up to date with our professional careers and it is the employers’ and employees’ responsibility to invest in their own professional development to stay ahead.

Security in Recruitment Pilot Course Success

Posted: 05th September 2012 in Permanent Recruitment

Aimed specifically at the bioscience and laboratory animal sector the pilot course was extremely well received.

Attitude matters

Posted: 12th March 2012 in Permanent Recruitment

When applying for jobs, a good CV with a bursting skill set always looks impressive but having the gift of the gab can make the difference in finalising that job.

Satisfaction continues on a high!

Posted: 30th January 2011 in Permanent Recruitment

December 2010 saw the completion of the second round of the Agenda Security Services customer satisfaction surveys for 2010.