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College Results Are In!

Posted: 27th July 2016 in Contract Recruitment

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Agenda Life Sciences are providing valuable resources for students, teaching and career guidance staff.

Throughout the past academic year, a team of research and recruitment experts from Agenda Life Sciences have been visiting colleges and universities nationwide to support staff and students in the animal science sector. To support students we have given guest lectures addressing the topic of laboratory animal research and its potential as a career option for graduates, mediated for and against animal research debates allowing students to quiz our experienced team and form balanced opinions based on fact and first hand experience, attended careers fairs and discussed students’ next steps after graduation, given free CV reviews and hosted mock interview sessions to give students guidance and feedback for future job applications.

For teaching and careers guidance teams at colleges and universities we have assisted in the panel validation of new courses, provided vacancies for inclusion on their jobs board and for discussion with students, provided industry specific guidance and materials on career development pathways, training initiatives and support networks. Here’s what teaching and careers support staff said about our interaction with them and their students:

This focused approach of supporting education providers and students alike has given us measurable instant success, with the number of graduates employed by Agenda from the colleges and universities we have worked with exceeding the figures from previous years. We have also noted the quality of applicants has improved as candidates better understand the industry, are familiar with Agenda as the UK’s leading Life Science recruiter and are more comfortable in an interview, often with a member of our team with whom they have spoken to during their studies.