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IAT Congress 2018

Posted: 27th March 2018 in Company News

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The 20th - 23rd of March 2018 were this year’s dates for the annual IAT Congress held in Harrogate.

We arrived Monday afternoon to set up the Agenda stand so everything was ready for the big opening event on Tuesday evening. This year we had a Wii machine for some extra fun and to win some Toblerones, one of which weighed 4.5 kg!

Tuesday evening was very busy with a lot of delegates giving it a go on the Wii, having a drink, catching up with old colleagues and friends and meeting new ones. Congress is a great opportunity to mix with animal technicians and trade all in one big room.

The evening started with an IAT event where our Facility Manager at Hatfield, Sam, got her Fellow Award and our very own Norman Mortell got the honourary members award.

Tim McGuire received the award on the behalf of Norman as he was unable to attend. A big congratulations from all of us to both of them for their continued commitment to animal research!

It was a very enjoyable evening and Congress was now kicking off to a great start! Reece, from University of Leicester, was the first winner of our Wii competition that evening, congratulations Reece, we hope you enjoyed your chocolate!

Wednesday was a long day with the stand open early, with more talks and workshops underway as well as liaising with clients. Laura did a 60 second flash trade presentation about Agenda as well as Lomir, both received excellent and positive feedback.

From head office Rachel, Mat, Ali, Emily and Den arrived to attend Congress for one day to meet clients and attend some of the workshops. It was lovely having so many Agenda staff representing our services and meeting new and old faces.

In addition Toby also ran a step competition in collaboration with AS ET, and all were welcome to attend for only £2. What a good initiative Toby, let’s do it again next year!

Our Wii competition was very well attended that day too, as the prize was the very popular 4.5 kg Toblerone. Karl from Cambridge University was the lucky winner, congratulations to him.

To round up a successful day in the evening we attended a meal and disco with live music which was enjoyed by all.

Thursday was the last day of the conference with the big Gala dinner in the evening and the AS ET reception where our very own Animal Technician Jobie was the winner. This is the second year in a row an Agenda Technician has won this award as Micah won it last year. We are very proud to have such ambitious technicians working for us and it’s great to see young technicians working hard and contributing to research. Congratulations to Jobie!

We had 3 tables at the Gala dinner this year and it was a wonderful evening to end a long but fun week.

See you all again next year for more opportunities and catch ups!