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Professional Development for both Employers and Employees

Posted: 20th December 2012 in Permanent Recruitment
Professional Development for both Employers and Employees

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Businesses, like the world, are continuously evolving and in order to keep up with these changes, employers and employees alike, if they want to remain successful, have to adapt with the industry. Just like technology is always being updated, so too must we keep up to date with our professional careers and it is the employers’ and employees’ responsibility to invest in their own professional development to stay ahead.

Professional Development programmes are an extremely important element to any company for this purpose. Employers who offer training courses to their employees create a more attractive and appealing working environment, as it shows they support the individual’s personal enhancement. From the employer’s point of view if an employee shows willingness to progress in their career, it highlights their dedication to their own career growth and that of the company’s.

The Government is behind this venture as recently it announced an extra £150 million to be invested in skills funding and companies will get the chance to bid for a share of this money to create training courses to build their future skills base. This is the second grant of funding in the Employer Ownership Pilot to be used to create new apprenticeship programmes and setting up specialist training academies. The skills minister Matthew Hancock said ‘this is a unique opportunity for companies across all industries to secure their future by addressing their skills needs now.’

The training schemes will vary but all will provide opportunities to develop the skills you already possess and learn new methods to your specific field. Keeping up to date with current training and knowing the ins and outs of your industry can give you the upper hand when succeeding in your career. The training meetings, whereby you may have to travel, will also provide an opportunity for networking. This is a powerful tool in business; meeting new people within the industry provides useful contacts to call upon which could be beneficial in your future success.

Professional development is also instrumental in strengthening your own personal credentials and expertise. Within companies your actions and your expertise are what speak for you as a professional and your willingness to learn will reflect positively. These programmes also help the employee remain competitive in their industry. That extra training course and the knowledge thereby gained will keep you ahead of the game and provide better products and services than your rivals. It also benefits both yourself and the company as you are building upon your own skills which in turn enhance the proficiency and services that the company provides.

The CIPD is also behind the concept of professional development and has welcomed the government’s investment for future training programmes. The institute’s chief executive Peter Cheese stated, ‘employers have a vested interest in actively developing their own pipelines of future talent and need to take more of a lead in developing the workforce of the future’.

Here at Agenda we follow this objective, and part of our ethos is performance development. We are a credited investor in people having gone vigorous assessments to show we care about the importance of developing our staff. Agenda proves this by offering a generous training allowance for staff members for professional or personal enhancement. This is also followed up by regular in-house training programmes to ensure all staff are up to date with our industry and its needs, to provide the best customer care.