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ScandLas Meeting Success

Posted: 03rd May 2018 in Company News

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Agenda attended the annual ScandLAS meeting that held the title “Beyond legislation – Best practice in Animal Research” where the one of the main themes was how to achieve the highest possible scientific and welfare standards in animal research. The meeting was held in Kristiandsand in Southern Norway. The venue was on the coast, surrounded by Norwegian mountains and a number of lakes.

With 250 attendees mostly from Scandinavia (several from the UK), it was a good opportunity to discuss animal welfare beyond our own borders. With the focus on welfare we presented our Welfare First program to the delegates visiting our stand and discuss the important of the programme. Animal technicians from Scandinavia were very impressed with the concept of Welfare First. The programme included a variety of speakers from Scandinavia and the UK.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon to set up the stand and ready to meet the delegates. Thursday was the big opening day with a get together party in the evening. The venue for the trade area was right next to the registration so we got to interact with a lot of people. The get together party was held in a beautiful restaurant with entertainment from an original Norwegian folk singing group. Everyone was presented with the lyrics (in Norwegian) which made the song from the delegates a fun thing to do as many did not speak Norwegian. Friday was Exhibitions evening with a quiz from all trades and the prize was a scholarship from Scanbur for next ScandLAS. This prize was won by Mette Joergensen an animal technician from Saniona research in Denmark, congratulations from Agenda to Mette.

Saturday morning was the last day with the big Gala dinner in the evening. A wonderful dinner to end a great meeting  People were busy discussing the different talks they have been attending throughout the days, talking to old and new friends and presenting ideas for the next ScandLAS meeting.

Agenda had a draw for a Google Mini Dot that was won by Susanne Groenlund from Lund University in Sweden. A big congratulation to Susanne.

Thank you to the ScandLAS committee for hosting such a  great meeting.