Covid-19 Update

Agenda’s Business Continuity Plan has been fully activated, ensuring we can continue delivering services to your facilities. This includes making our Contract Technicians available to you, whilst protecting both you and them. Agenda’s strategy is designed to support you and your teams as well as prioritising the animals in your care.

We want you to know that all office staff have now been deployed to work from home, allowing them to support you with current vacancies and respecting the strong government advice in place.

I want to personally thank our dedicated team of excellent Animal Technicians who are working extra-hard in difficult times to ensure the welfare of your animals.

As always, we are only a phone call away and this will not change as the situation progresses, so if you need any help and guidance on your staffing then please do get in touch. 

I’d like to personally wish you, your colleagues and your family all the very best and hope that you are not personally impacted by the effects of this pandemic.

Toby Sanders
Director of Life Sciences