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Permanent recruitment - Client FAQ

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Q. What is included in the recruitment fee?

A. Agenda has a wealth of life science recruitment experience and understands that recruiting the right person can be a lengthy, expensive and sometimes frustrating process. Planning, administration, selection and interviewing can all take up valuable management time. If you are recruiting from outside your organisation, advertising will only add to your substantial costs and should the selected candidate prove to be unsuitable, the whole cycle has to be repeated. Your ideal candidate may already be on our industry leading database and our recruitment and selection service could save you a great deal of time, effort and money.  Not only that, we add value by including advertising and pre-employment security screening as standard on our fees.

Q. If we give Agenda the opportunity to recruit for us, what is the process?

A. Our service can be as simple as sending you CV’s and completed application forms from suitable candidates and arranging the first interview, or we can provide a total service package including arranging medical checks and sending contracts of employment to selected candidates. At no extra cost, Agenda provides a full security clearance on all successful candidates.

Upon taking details of a permanent vacancy from a client, our service includes:

  • Taking a detailed brief of your requirements including job description, person specification, salary and benefits
  • Sourcing of suitable applicants against your requirements, from a variety of sources including our own comprehensive candidate database
  • Advertising the position in suitable media where appropriate e.g. industry publications, various websites (including our own) and our Vacancy Hot List e-shots and flyers.
  • Screening of applications received, including telephone interviewing
  • Recommending a shortlist of applicants to you
  • Conducting first level security screenings of applicants selected for interview
  • Arranging the interviews/supplying documentation etc
  • Providing feedback following interviews to you and the candidates
  • Negotiating the final offer and acceptance
  • Comprehensive security screening of the successful candidate
Q. What sort of candidates do you have registered already?.

A. Our extensive and sophisticated database includes people with expertise, experience and qualifications at all levels from junior technicians to senior managers and directors. We also have excellent candidates on our books who specialise in related disciplines such as study directors and research scientists. We have extensive life science networks and a keen understanding of social media, job boards, job listings and web sites (including Agenda’s) and life science publications to advertise vacancies far and wide to get the best possible candidates.

Q. You say you do pre-employment screening? What does this include?

A. It entails a qualified member of the Security team contacting the candidates and conducting a comprehensive telephone screening after receiving written consent. Once this has been completed the Security screening will conduct the following:

  • Identification Confirmation
  • Current address verification
  • Address History
  • Electoral Roll Search
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Application form/CV analysis and infiltrator/Red flag analysis
  • Employment History
  • Animal Rights connections (ARC).Unique database check and infiltrator red flag analysis
  • Internet Mining of over a billion web pages, inc: social medi, news and Press Search
  • Credit search, including CCJ’s and Insolvency register check
  • Directorship and Disqualified Directorship searches
  • Civil Litigation check
  • Sanctions counter-terrorist database check
  • Security interview of the candidate
  • Security interview of the references
  • Positive identification of references
  • National Insurance Number validation
  • OFAC Check