How to Handle a Distance Interview

With many employers, recruitment agencies and science graduates prioritising safety in the current circumstances, there has been a gigantic rise in the number of telephone and distance interviews.

Even if the role will lead to work in a laboratory or office, often the first step of the recruitment process will involve a distance interview, using a tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

It can sometimes be hard to prepare for distance interviews but for science graduates looking for their first role in life sciences, here are three tips to maximising your chances of getting recruited. []

Check Your Equipment

A common problem both employers and candidates face is dealing with technical issues. That being said, the more comfortable you are setting up your microphone, camera and software, the more comfortable you will be in the interview itself, and the less time you need to get your equipment ready is the more time you can use to sell yourself.

Treat it as a Face to Face Interview

It is easy to relax and not take a distance interview as seriously. However, employers do treat distance interviews as essentially identical to a face to face interview, and the best way to win over an interviewer is to treat it as such. Dress professionally, ensure your body language conveys your enthusiasm and be sure to ask questions to show your enthusiasm.

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