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Working in Animal Research

Agenda specialises in animal research jobs for the Life Sciences industry. We provide both temporary and permanent opportunities for candidates at all levels of experience, from cage wash to Animal Technicians to facility directors and managers, our team of recruiters can find you your ideal role in animal research.

Often science doesn’t need to use animals, but for many key questions they are crucial. They will help millions with conditions such as cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord damage and parasitic infections like malaria. Most of the medicines we have today come from animal research.

Agenda are proud to support the research community and are the largest recruiter of animal technicians in the UK. As well as this we manage a number of research facilities, within which our staff conduct animal experimental and non-animal experimental research in line with the Home Office Legislation. Find out about Agenda's position on research here.

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Welfare First – caring for those who care for the research animals

Delivering great animal welfare depends upon well trained and dedicated individuals who care passionately about animal care and welfare. Agenda’s Welfare First programme was designed to bring together the key elements that support, maintain and underpin this welfare culture.

Find out more about our Welfare First programme here.