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Job Details

Head of Biological Resources

Location: South Cambridge
Salary: £54,765 - £63,462
Ref: ALS 2272

On behalf of our client, we are looking to recruit a Head of Biological Resources to provide leadership for a world class, future focused animal facility. The successful candidate will be an experienced manager with a clear vision of the future of in vivo biomedical research.

The closing date for applications is Friday 12th July. All applicants are required to provide a covering letter with their CV.

Basic Requirements

  • Relevant qualification, and significant experience working in a biological research environment
  • Previous experience managing resources, including budgets and teams across several functions
  • Ability to interpret and advise on complex regulatory and quasi-legal documentation and translate into operational plans
  • Experience of building, managing, developing, and motivating teams to maintain a high-performance culture
  • Ability to make complex prioritisation decisions, such as balancing compliance, service level and costs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, propose, implement and review the facility’s strategy for delivering in vivo research, ensuring it is aligned with the company’s vision and will meet the needs of research groups and stakeholders
  • Be responsible for financial management of the facility’s budget, including making decisions on how to maximise cost-recovery levels, and allocation of resources
  • Regularly review in vivo research support to improve efficiency, reduce cost and/or increase cost recovery
  • Ensure the highest standards of husbandry and care are practised within the animal facility and that regulated activities are carried out with the principles of the 3R’s
  • Prepare written reports regarding the quality of operation frameworks and processes, highlighting priorities for further refinement
  • Oversee the welfare, training, and professional development of all staff and ensure that appropriate career opportunities are developed and promoted
  • Responsible for the staffing provision in the animal facility and will ensure that processes and procedures are in place to meet staffing requirements – including selection, appointment and probation
  • Maintain open dialogue with senior researchers to identify and ensure successful introduction of significant novel technologies

Agenda and its clients only recruit people who are passionate about animal care and welfare, people with integrity who are honest and trustworthy and who have a great work ethic.  To enable us to hire the very best people we will conduct a full and comprehensive background and pre-employment screening as an essential part of the recruitment process.