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Job Details

Junior Animal Technician

Location: Slough
Salary: £16,110 - £18,000
Ref: CT 28

Looking for a new challenge working with animals in Slough?

Agenda are the largest provider of Animal Technicians within the Life Science sector, so these positions are an exceptional opportunity for someone wanting to develop in this field. We are looking for an adventurous individual, who would like to contribute to the research industry, whilst maintaining a high standard of welfare.

This is a 1 year fixed-term contract.

Basic Requirements:

  • Animal Care Qualification and a genuine interest in the care of animals
  • You must have practical experience, having cared for animals in a work or voluntary capacity
  • Have a versatile working attitude

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • General husbandry, including feeding, watering, preparation and changing of cages
  • Medical examinations
  • Maintain detailed, accurate records regarding breeding, health, welfare and environmental checks
  • Adhere to Home Office guidelines and the Animal Scientific Procedures Act 1986.

As an Animal Technician, you will be responsible for providing a high standard of service and expected to follow key animal care protocols in order to ensure the welfare of all animals within the research facility.

This position is ideal for someone with an ambitious nature, looking to add to the continued growth of Agenda and be a part of our successful team.

Agenda and its clients only recruit people who are passionate about animal care and welfare, people with integrity who are honest and trustworthy and who have a great work ethic.  To enable us to hire the very best people we will conduct a full and comprehensive background and pre-employment screening as an essential part of the recruitment process.