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Job Details

Study Director

Location: Leicestershire
Salary: £30,000 - £45,000
Ref: ALS 2153

This is an excellent opportunity for a commercially minded scientist to develop a close working relationship with our key stakeholders. You will strategically manage and implement both in vitro and In vivo projects, whilst delivering on sponsors expectations and requirements.

This role represents an exciting opportunity for an experienced scientist wanting to lead multiple projects in the forefront of oncology research.

Basic Requirements

  • PhD in Biomedical Science or a related discipline
  • Proven track record and expertise of areas of design, implementation and analysis on in vivo and vitro data
  • Experienced in using wide range of in vivo models such as metastasis orthotropic as well as traditional subcutaneous models
  • Oncology related animal-based study experience
  • Experience in drug discovery or translational research, gained in either an academic or preferably industrial setting
  • Experience in a CRO setting and ability to manage customer projects
  • In vivo imaging application experience would be beneficial

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, implementation and analysis on in vivo and vitro data. You will be responsible for reviewing pre-clinical data
  • Plan and supervise a variety of in vitro projects, such as target validation, compound screening and genomic analysis
  • Performing in vivo imaging sessions and subsequently data analysis
  • Develop and train in-house staff for animal studies
  • Strategic management to implement in vivo/in vitro projects, maintaining close stakeholder relationships and delivering on sponsor requirements and expectations
  • Contribute scientific expertise in oncology to project teams, and provide input to the strategy and direction of oncology projects
  • Design and execute preclinical studies both internally and through external partners (CROs and collaborators) and interpret the results of these studies, either as the head of a team, or by providing expert input
  • Develop, approve and distribute study-related documents and other study tools
  • Act as a key point of contact and facilitate communication across departments in-house, and act as interface between the scientific team and customers

 Agenda and its clients only recruit people who are passionate about animal care and welfare, people with integrity who are honest and trustworthy and who have a great work ethic.  To enable us to hire the very best people we will conduct a full and comprehensive background and pre-employment screening as an essential part of the recruitment process.