Life Science Expected To Boom By 2025

There are likely to be plenty of veterinary pharmaceutical jobs in the UK within the next few years, after a report revealed the life science industry is expecting to grow significantly.

BioCity’s Life Science Start-Up Report anticipates there will be a growth of investment in early-stage ventures, reaching £2.8 billion, Clean Room Technology revealed.

This is a four-fold increase compared with the previous five years, as a result of new venture funds making very large investments in early-stage life science businesses, as well as large pharmaceutical firms increasingly utilising small companies and academia as sources of innovation.

BioCity chairman and former chief executive officer Dr Glenn Crocker said the 50 per cent growth in the number of life science companies starting up would increase the demand for space.

“We estimate that this cohort of businesses alone could require 1.4 million square feet of specialist facilities over the next five years. One consequence of this demand growth is that real estate investors are increasingly attracted to the sector,” Dr Crocker stated.

This comes after the Life Science Analytics market research findings by Report Ocean revealed the global life science analytics market is on track to rise from $16,356.78 million (£12,461.24 million) in 2018 to $35,856.87 by the end of 2025, more than doubling in just seven years. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 11.86 per cent.

The report provides an analysis of trends, upcoming technologies, regulatory policies, market size, industry drivers, potential strategies of players, and key company profiles.

With all this, it looks at regional market scope, sales and revenue, market size forecast, and manufacturing cost analysis, and market effect factors and analysis, which are all compiled and studied to create business intelligence.