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Looking to Work with Animals?

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Are you looking to find a job working with animals? Animal Technicians are responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals used in scientific and medical research. This work contributes to developing treatments for diseases and new methods of diagnosis. Animal research plays an essential part in the understanding of health and diseases and the development of required medical treatments. Read about Agenda's Welfare First programme and position on research here.

Without the use of animals, many modern medicines, antibiotics, vaccines and surgical techniques for human and veterinary medicine would not be developed. Agenda is an expert in animal technician recruitment and has been matching technicians with their perfect placement since 1996.

Agenda have vacancies for technicians of all levels and stages in their careers, from Trainee Animal Technicians, to Licensed positions - this means if you have recently completed a University degree or have achieved a qualification Animal Care or Management then we will have a job opportunity for you! So why not join our team today?

Benefits of becoming an Agenda Animal Technician:

  • The security of full time employment, even when not on placement, with a comprehensive support network available 24/7.

  • Opportunities to work throughout the UK and Europe

  • Flexibility of working within various pharmaceutical or academic organisations with the variety of short or long-term placements

  • The opportunity to play a part in contributing to working towards a cure for many illnesses and diseases

  • An annual training bank account.

  • Find out more here.

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Career Pathways

*Full information can be found on the IAT website.