Lunch and Learn: Tech Life

October’s Lunch and Learn at Head Office was hosted by Laura G, our Facility Manager from Hull University to demonstrate the important research conducted at Hull and the  daily life of her team…

The session received excellent feedback and it was nice for non – industry members of Agenda to find out more about ‘Tech Life’.

“We found learning about life as an Animal Technician very interesting. It was great to hear from someone obviously passionate about their job.   Laura explained what had led her to this role: she didn’t get the A levels she needed to be a vet!  We had not really thought about what the day to day activities must be within this role, and these were broken down clearly for us by Laura, who had also taken some video footage to illustrate some of the tasks.  As in any job, there were routine tasks to do, but since animal welfare is at the heart of the job, these must always be completed to the highest standard.  It was fascinating to hear what research is taking place and especially the details surrounding the cichlid fish and their castles. 

We were amazed at the diversity encompassed within the technicians and their total commitment to the animal welfare needed to produce a calm and controlled habitat.

Although on the face of it people may assume, quite wrongly, that their work is akin to trial and error at whatever the cost to the subject.

We were also surprised at the scale of the projects they are working on and the aims of the group to provide consistent solid evidence to enable a better life for all.

It was an excellent overview of a role that we didn’t really know much about before the session.

Thank you, Laura!”

Mike, Laura and Carl

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