Manchester’s Citylabs 4.0 Campus Gets The Green Light

Citylabs, the Manchester-based health innovation campus, is set to be expanded after its planning application was approved, with the new £35 million development a collaboration between Manchester Science Partnerships and the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT).

This new phase of the scheme will see the existing campus expanded by 125,000 sq ft, with the initial phase (Citylabs 1.0) home to diagnostics, digital health, medtech and genomics businesses, driving the future of medicine and healthcare forward.

Citylabs 2.0 is set to be completed in summer this year, providing a base for global diagnostics company QIAGEN. And the new development, Citylabs 4.0, is due to be built at the south of the MFT Oxford Road campus, with seven floors of office and lab space available.

Director of research and innovation at MFT professor Neil Hanley said: “At MFT, we are all rightly proud that the Citylabs approach has brought together NHS, academic and commercial sectors, completely in line with the UK Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy.

“In the current trying circumstances, the importance of continual research and innovation becomes ever more obvious as we strive to make the new discoveries that benefit our patients, the public and UK economy.”

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