Nottingham Trent University Science Careers Fair

Tim and I attended the Nottingham Trent University Science Careers Fair. The event was well attended by some leading organisations and an interesting mix of students. Amongst the companies in attendance were Envigo and Tim stopped by their stand to speak with them. 

The attendees were all studying scientific degrees and covered a varied range of disciplines. Our shiny new banner stands were very well received and did the job we’d hoped for when designing them. Previous feedback we’d had at other fairs was that students couldn’t establish what we do/offer from the stands. The new designs proved a big success in this area and everyone we spoke with had gained a good insight into what we do.

In total 68 students of varying skillsets, registered their details with us for registration purposes. We spoke with a much greater number of students beyond those that signed up, however, not all were able to do so as there were lots of 1st/2nd year students. 

A member of the university team stopped by the stand to discuss feedback on the day and to advise that we can advertise any roles on their website which may be suitable for graduates. 

Overall it was a very productive day, we registered a great number of prospective candidates and gave a good account of the business. We received feedback from some candidates who were very grateful for having had the chance to speak with Tim and I, and that they felt it had been very beneficial to them.


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