Potential Or Experience: Which Do You Prioritise?

When it comes to recruitment campaigns and finding the right person for the job, do you hire people based on their potential or do you prioritise experience and qualifications instead?

Research from Walters People, reported on by Net Imperative, has found that 58 per cent of employers are now looking at potential rather than qualifications and experience, as demand for skills is currently outstripping supply.

Some 65 per cent of companies expect to see a skills shortage in 2020, particularly in the mid-management and junior/executive levels. And it seems that finding the perfect person for the job in a knowledge/experience-based hire situation does come with a price… the study also found 89 per cent of businesses take more than four weeks to fill a position, but 40 per cent of these hires are unsuccessful.

It can also take anything from a month to a year to reach a decision that the person hired was in fact not the right fit after all.

Commenting on the findings, Walters People director Phill Westcott said: “Hiring based on potential is highlighting an opportunity for employers and employees to learn from each other.

“From my experience high potential employees typically demonstrate more grit, loyalty and enthusiasm for having been given the opportunity. The challenge of the unknown and the excitement of acquiring new skills keeps them motivated and engaged and helps retain them for longer.”

Hiring managers explained that there were several factors that determined someone’s potential – willingness to learn, motivation, engagement, creativity, insights and curiosity.

Mr Westcott went on to say that more employers are now thinking about junior and potential-based hires as they build a “pipeline of talent for the future”. Within six months of being hired, candidates can certainly demonstrate “sound understanding” of the industry and their job, while bringing with them a “fresh approach and eagerness to learn”.

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