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Become an animal technician

Agenda Life Sciences employs animal technicians of all levels, including facility managers and research directors. We are the only company that provides staff with a WELFARE FIRST programme that cares for the people who care for the research animals. All of our animal technician staff, whether just starting out or already qualified are provided with the opportunity to further develop their careers with full training and development support.

Become a member of our animal technician team and not only will you have the security of full time employment, but you will also have the opportunity to work within animal facilities Nationwide and into Europe.

As a recognised Investor in People, training and development is an integral part of our business strategy. Besides an annual training bank account, you will have EU Directive competency based training support. As an Agenda animal technician you will have

  • A guaranteed salary even when not on placement.
  • Access to a comprehensive support network.
  • An annual training bank account.
  • A company credit card for travel and business related expenses.
  • Membership to the IAT (Institute of Animal Technology), Understanding Animal Research (UAR) and Animals in Science Education Trust (AS-ET).
  • Access to an occupational health professional.
  • Opportunities to attend industry conferences.
  • Generous holidays, which includes a day off for your birthday.
  • Access to online technician resources.
  • Monthly WELFARE FIRST e-newsletter.
  • Opportunities to work at different research facilities in the UK and Europe.
  • Learn more about our WELFARE FIRST programme for more benefits on becoming an Agenda animal technician.

Don't just take our word for it ... watch the video below and listen to our animal technicians and here about their experiences working for Agenda Life Sciences.  

Working with animals

Agenda Life Sciences work in the laboratory animal science, life science and biomedical sectors and support the ethical and humane use of animals in research in line with the 3R’s - Refinement, Replacement and Reduction. Find out more from the IAT Careers Video below:

Why are animals used in research?

The Understanding Animals in Research (UAR) website is a useful resource that provides everything that you might want to know about animal research, whether you are a concerned member of the public or are considering beginning a career in animal research.

Agenda’s Position Statement
Agenda Life Sciences supports the research community through the provision of services aimed at facilitating research. Agenda Life Sciences believes that whilst animal research continues to make a valuable contribution to scientific understanding and the development of medical treatments, the animals should be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Agenda Life Sciences fully supports the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of the use of animals in research. Until viable alternatives to animals are available for all areas of research, the animals should be cared for by dedicated, professional and well trained individuals who care passionately about animal care and welfare.