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Animal Rights Tactics & Life Science Recruitment Training

We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of tried and tested courses to assist life science organisations in recognising animal rights threats and to enable life science hirers to develop and hone skills to enhance the hiring and screening process. It is important to hire the very best people but it is also important to be able to sift out undesirable candidates and to develop a tool-kit of hiring and screening processes that reduce the chances of hiring a bad apple.

Our team have trained over 6,000 people worldwide and our courses are presented by people who have worked in the research sector, who have had personal experience of the threats facing biomedical research. They are also trained facilitators and so the courses provide a positive learning experience, group exercises and an enjoyable (memorable) training experience.  

Free Security Awareness E-Learning Course

Our free Security in Recruitment e-learning module was developed in conjunction with the Medical Research Council and Support4rs and it is aimed at individuals working within, and recruiting for, the pharmaceutical and biomedical research industry. Whilst it is UK based there are many useful and interactive resources for people wherever they work in the world within the research sector. The course has been designed to be completed on-line in around 30 minutes, it looks at threats to research organisations, issues in the recruitment and screening processes, activist groups and their tactics, infiltration risks, social engineering and ways to reduce these threats. Apply online now

Security Awareness Training Courses (Half Day)

An interactive course providing exercises and lots of anecdotal examples of tactics used in the past by Animal Rights groups in relation to the environment (why there is an issue), Security systems (how systems can help respond to the environment), social engineering of information, issues relating to risks to facilities and communications (current and past AR tactics) and People issues (infiltrator tactics and the development of practical awareness measures that individuals can take). For more information view the course overview

Security in Recruitment – Half Day or Day and a Half Course

This course concentrates on preventing infiltration and looks at advertising strategies, review of application forms and CVs, interviewing and finally through to spotting an infiltrator. Having profiled many of the most prominent infiltrations we use “actual” infiltration materials to reinforce the messages. Using a 3 stage process to highlight the key recruitment, background screening and post hires issues. For more information view the course overview.

Hire Me ... What could possibly go wrong? - 3 day Course

The purpose of the programme is to provide attendees with professionally delivered modules to complement existing recruitment interviewing and security awareness skills. Three new one day courses have been developed to reflect the nature of changing threats and other publicly available regulations, legal updates, cases studies and guidance sources. For more information view the course overview

Hire Me! Assessing Hiring Risks & Refining the Selection Process

This one-day module is the first of the Hire Me programme courses. An interactive course with opportunities to participate and discuss specific areas of interest. This course will enable participants to identify the risks to their organisation, people risks and individuals motivations for applying for a particular job, identification of red flags in the hiring process, identification of documents, pre-employment screening best practice and validation of genuine job candidates.  For more information view the course overview.

Hire Me! Interviewing Skills Advanced Techniques

This one-day module is the second of the Hire Me programme courses. An interactive course with opportunities for case study and scenario role play. Using advanced techniques this one-day course provides a tool box of tips and techniques to enhance the interview stage of the hiring process. Including aspects as the PEACE technique, Neurolinguistic Programming and interviewing techniques. For more information view the course overview.

Hire Me! Protecting Your Organisation & Managing the Insider Threat

This one-day module is the third of the Hire Me programme courses which reviews the social engineering tactics and opportunities to detect deception and considers the motivation of insiders and the threats they pose to the organisation. Raising overall security awareness is the primary output for this module. For more information view the course overview.


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