Building on our support for the research community we developed our Welfare First programme. By recognising the importance of welfare within the life sciences sector, we meet the aims of our position statement on the use of animals is research.

Our Statement

Agenda Life Sciences supports the research community through the provision of services aimed at facilitating research. Agenda Life Sciences believes that whilst animal research continues to make a valuable contribution to scientific understanding and the development of medical treatments, the animals should be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Agenda Life Sciences fully supports the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of the use of animals in research. Until viable alternatives to animals are available for all areas of research, the animals should be cared for by dedicated, professional and well trained individuals who care passionately about animal care and welfare.

Animal welfare is a priority, but so also is the welfare of the dedicated people working with the animals and also the welfare of the life science sector itself. The programme is designed to consistently deliver standards of animal care and welfare that exceeds regulatory requirements. It puts in place the building blocks that underpin effective care and welfare; it is Agenda’s assertion that caring for the people that care for the animals in turn supports and nurtures a culture of care within the life science sector.

We support the European Directive

We support

The European Directive 2010/63/EU (“Directive”) on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

The use of animals in research has facilitated major breakthroughs in medicine which have transformed human and animal health. We support research using animals where alternative methods are not available, where the potential benefits to health are compelling, and where acceptable ethical and welfare standards can be met.

The European Directive 2010/63/EU has enhanced animal welfare standards and introduced the concepts of refinement, replacement and reduction (‘3Rs’) across the EU, while ensuring Europe remains a world leader in biomedical research. Under this Directive, animals may be used in research where the potential medical, veterinary and scientific benefits are compelling and there is no viable alternative method. Click here to read more.


Welfare Contract

All staff have a moral and legal obligation to ensure the welfare of the animals in their care. Good laboratory animal welfare is a vital aspect of laboratory animal science. All staff sign our welfare contract to demonstrate commitment to animal welfare.


Technician Care

Agenda technicians have 24/7 support, help and advice, training mentors, handbooks, care packs and occupational health support amongst other initiatives such as a birthday day off.



As an Investor in People, Continual Professional Development is an integral part of our business strategy. Besides an annual training bank account, staff have EU directive competency based training support.


The Concordat

Agenda Life Sciences were one of the first to sign the Concordat on openness on animal research in the UK. We are committed to helping the public understand more about animal research.

Click here for the Concordat